We’ve only just begun, Hull

We’ve only just begun, Hull

We are one week in and it’s fair to say that the year has started in impressive fashion. The city centre is looking great, interesting and intriguing exhibitions have been popping up around every corner, the huge firework display that lit up the sky last week drew the attention of the world’s media and the audio-visual displays across the city have been nothing short of mind-blowing. (That’s no exaggeration, they have been incredible.)

There has been much hype and exuberance about 2017 for the last year or so and by most accounts this first week has far exceeded expectations. The most exciting part of this first week is knowing that it’s exactly that, just the first week in a year of exhibitions, events and displays that are set to bring thousands of people to the city and provide entertainment for thousands more of Hull’s residents.

If you missed out on the opening this week, don’t worry there is still so much to see. I would urge everyone to get across to Hull University to see the Lines of Thought exhibition that features drawings from the likes of Michelangelo, Matisse, Degas and Rembrandt.
Tonight is your last chance to try Pot Luck at Fruit, a wonderful idea where visitors pay a fiver and take a chance on what they get to see. It could possibly be film, it could be music or it could be spoken word. It will certainly be entertaining.
Perhaps my favourite thing to watch out for over the coming months is such a simple idea, but a welcome one. Celebrating 20 years of RED Contemporary Arts (formerly RED Gallery) #REDboard2017 sees billboards across the city displaying work from various Hull artists.

Over the next 12 months I will be speaking to many of the independent artists, musicians, writers, poets, performers and creatives who are involved in some of the thousands of events that are planned throughout 2017. As well as the talented people who have played a part in the official City of Culture programme I will be continuing to highlight the work of those creative people involved in the all-important ‘grass-roots’ projects across the city. The number of these independent projects alone surely matches those of the official 2017 programme, making for a year that is positively heaving with things to do and see.

If you are creating or know of a project that you would like to throw a little more light on then please get in touch via facebook.com/CalvinOnCulture

In the meantime, hit the streets, see what you can find, share your pictures and experiences with the world and enjoy everything on offer.


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