Warren’s importance to cultural landscape can’t be understated…

Warren’s importance to cultural landscape can’t be understated…

Earlier this week I caught up with a well known figure in the Hull music scene, Stewart Baxter. As an original member of the influential punk band, Freaks Union he was at the centre of a musical movement in the city that still resonates today. In recent years Stewart has taken up the even more influential role as manager of the iconic, Warren Records.

Warren Records and it’s team of volunteers, tutors, musicians and staff has played a part in the musical journey of hundreds of performers and groups from Hull. They have provided rehearsal space, recording facilities and music development services for some of the finest talent to come out of Hull in the last decade. Their importance to the musical landscape of the city can not be understated.

Warren Records has been around for far longer than many realise. Since the studio started over 30 years ago it managed to amass thousands of recordings from a hugely eclectic range of artists. Many of these recordings were never really heard, never mind released and were in danger of slipping into the ether until an investment by Martin Stamp allowed the label as we know it today to be established. A label and creative space that allows people to explore, learn and develop at their own pace while gaining real, tangible experience in the music industry.

Today a constant stream of young talent pass through the doors, eager to develop their own skills and embark on their own creative journeys. Experienced musicians and artists are there to offer advice and talented producers such as Ysabelle Wombwell, Patrick Pretorius and Liam Van Rijn help bring their tracks to life. An ever evolving team of enthusiastic volunteers, staff and creative minds makes Warren Records unique. New people lead to new ideas.

Alongside the social and developmental aspect of Warren Records, something that makes it stand is the quality of the work they produce. This isn’t a label that puts out the occasional memorable track or album. They consistently produce work that screams quality. These are Hull artists, writing, playing and recording music in Hull that is then produced and released by a Hull label. Nothing shouts louder about the depth of quality and creativity in the city that Warren Records.

My pick of the upcoming Warren Records releases:
Three Day Millionaires – ‘Self Titled EP’ – 24/07/15 (Launch party at Hayworth Arms)
Baby Tooth – ‘Big Bass’ single launch – 30/07/15 (Launch party at the Adelphi)
Breeze – ‘Same Wave’ single launch – 03/08/15

Find out more at warrenrecords.org and facebook.com/warrenrecords


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