Wall-to-wall talent in the city

Wall-to-wall talent in the city

There’s much more to graffiti art than tags and slogans – and Hull is home to real talent…

I personally believe that art is equally important whether it’s hanging on a wall in a gallery, or created with a spray can on the side of a building. The creative process, the expression of a thought or feeling, the way a piece of art is imagined and executed is often as important as the way it looks.

This week I caught up with a Hull based artist who has been involved in many of the city’s flagship events, as well as regularly creating art for commissions and personal projects. Nick Horsfield is a professional graffiti artist and a master with a spray can. As a graffiti writer he goes under the tag Si2 and his work can be seen all over the city, on walls, on vans, on dustbins and on any surface that will lend itself to his art. Nick is one of a group of artists locally who help to bring graffiti to a level where it can be accepted as credible art, that adds to the character and artistic culture of the city.

The fact that Hull is very much it’s own city, with it’s own identity has by his own admission, played an important part in Nick’s development as an artist. As a direct result of 2017 and the emergence of a wave of talented people producing quality artwork, Hull is quickly becoming a city that is known as ‘graffiti friendly’. For artists like Nick that can only be a good thing as more opportunities to create and display work become available.

With a bright, modern comic book style it’s easy to see where comics such as The Beano and 2000ad have influenced Nick’s work. Other influences include graffiti artist pioneers such as Dondi and Seen as well as UK artists Mode2, Goldie and 3D. Alongside those are the people who have had a personal impact on the man and his art.

My main influence on a personal level was a guy known as D’lite. He painted with well known London crew Essex Rockers Foundation, but moved to Hull and showed me just how big the scene in the rest of the UK was was becoming.”

I’m pleased to say that Nick’s work will be hard to avoid this year. Only last weekend his work was on view at Pride in Hull and he will be painting live at Humber Street Sesh and Freedom Fest, so check him out if you get the chance. As well as working locally he has recently been invited to paint at Europe’s biggest Graffiti festival, ‘Upfest’ in Bristol.

Check out the latest from Nick Horsfield at: facebook.com/HullGraffiti4hire


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