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My Sketchbook

Sketching is something I do to relax as well as to prepare for work. Most of my artwork begins life on paper, sketched up using either a pencil, graphite stick or a trusty balck biro (fantastic sketching tool). Often, these sketches go on to be developed into finished pieces of art, either on paper or digitally but for every finished piece I create I probably put a hundred sketches together. This page is a showcase for some of those doodles, sketches, drafts and scribbles.

The Globulator Sketch
Little Harley Quinn - Work In Progress
Robot Wars pencil sketch
Judge Dredd Marker Sketch
Batman From Hell Sketch WIP
Robot MS7 Marker Sketch
Batman Marker Sketch
Are You Scared Of Zombies Sketch
Two-Face/Harvey Dent Sketch
The Frogsmoodle Sketch
The Furry Footed Malimal Sketch
The Long-Armed Oddabus Sketch
The Grinning Crudunkle Sketch
The Long Fingered Doozle Rat Sketch
Something Under The Bed Sketch
The Big Horned Fluffenstuff Monster Sketch
Space Squid Sketch
Screaming Goozenflap Sketch
Another Little Monster Sketch
Batman and Poison Ivy Dance Sketch
Snotty Dinosaurs
Battle-Beast Sketch
The Giant Spotted Children Eater
The Grunkle Chunk Monster Sketch
Fairytale Castle Sketch