Quest to build a written and oral history of all that is Hull……

Quest to build a written and oral history of all that is Hull……

Hull is a place with a bright future, thanks in no small part, to the numerous changes and developments we’ve seen take place over the last few years. The things that make Hull the city it is however, are based in it’s past. They are attitudes and stories that have grown from the city’s rich and compelling history, it’s people, the families that have called Hull their home and those who we have welcomed, and said farewell to as they leave, often carrying a piece of Hull in their heart.

Untold Stories is a project that aims engage with the people of Hull and explore the city’s wider cultural offer through oral, written or depicted history: pub sagas and tall tales; misunderstandings, mythologies and mistruths. People from all walks of life, the very people who make up the city, are being asked to take part and engage with the Library Service, literature in general and the wider cultural offer, by building an oral and written history of all that is Hull.

I have in the past lauded the library service in Hull and will do so once again. It’s a resource that is underused, in part due to the fact that many people are not aware of just how much is on offer. It is far, far more than a few dusty books on old shelves. From free business support to art exhibitions, to projects like this, that stretch far and wide and engage people from all across the city, Hull’s library service is a wonderful, multi-faceted thing.

Untold Stories will create a range of contexts within which people of all ages can create and share poems, stories, fragments, slogans, raps, stage and screenplays, sketches and visual interpretations of their writing for exhibition and performance in libraries and other community buildings throughout Hull. The project is supported by Hull’s Creative People and Places project and is funded by Arts Council England and the James Reckitt Library Trust.

DJ Redlocz (WestHullFM) is the creative director for the Real Yap project, a year long documentary film, created as part of Untold Stories. Artists are asked to recite or freestyle a cypher that relates to their life as an untold story living in Hull and record a 5 minute audio interview, including documentary photographs of the artists in action.

The Real Yap film screening will be held at Fruit on Humber Street on Wednesday July 19th.

Admission is free and doors open 7pm-11pm. The event will be broadcasted live from Fruit for the Full Flava Connection Show on West Hull FM. (Wednesday, repeat show Saturday 8-10pm)

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