Painting for an audience is a totally different experience…

Painting for an audience is a totally different experience…

Last week I put in my second stint of the last few weeks, painting live at the brilliant Furley & Co on Princes Dock Street as part of the ever popular Speak Easy. The recently opened bar and restaurant is fast becoming a favourite haunt for creatives and those looking for a combination of great beer, music and art under one roof. It is also the new weekly home to one of Hull’s best and most celebrated live music events, The Speak Easy, which brings together the cream of Hull’s acoustic singer-songwriters and bands, new talent and popular performers from further afield.

Painting live is something I do fairly regularly now, after first picking up my brushes in front of a crowd of people at the Humber Street Sesh a couple of years back. I often paint as part of the Speak Easy, to add a visual element to the shows and more recently have started working alongside Hull band Waste of Paint. I’m due to shoot a couple of music videos with them shortly, which will certainly be interesting. The mix of live music and live art is something that has always worked well, and proved to be popular with audiences who may be fans of art but may not have had the chance to see it being created in front of them.

If I’m working at my studio I can toil over a canvas for days or even weeks, but as most gigs last just a couple of hours, it requires a different approach. I rarely plan anything and tend to just start painting, often letting the music influence the direction of the piece. While painting is, in part, how I make a living, working live is something I do for the pure enjoyment of it. There is something about the combination of a crowd, good music, a little pressure and a few beers that make it a completely unique experience.

With a regular stint at the Speak Easy, working with Waste of Paint, The Humber Street Sesh around the corner and a couple of other upcoming gigs, there is going to be a lot of live painting ahead in the coming months. I’m also pleased to say that several pieces of my work will be going on display at Furley & Co over the next few weeks. Outside you will be able to see some work by the incredibly talented Spray Creative popping up there shortly too.

You can catch me every second Sunday at Furley and Co, painting alongside some of Hulls best musicians. I will also be at The Humber Street Sesh in August and you can check out more of my live canvases at


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