New column for the Hull Daily Mail

My new weekly column on arts, music and culture, ‘Calvin on Culture’  in Hull starts tomorrow in the new Hull Daily Mail supplement, Weekend. The column will focus on and highlight all that is good about the City of Hull…. Music, art, theatre, dance, the weird and the wonderful will be covered each week as we build up to 2017, when Hull will enter the year as the City of Culture.

I have lived in and worked in the city for most of my life. I started my family here, my business is based here, I studied here and I know many of the city’s artists, musicians and creative people. The same people who make this city what it is.

Hull has a unique, interesting and rich history. There is a vibrant music scene, some incredibly talented and creative artists, more than a couple of top quality theatre groups, great bars, clubs and venues… you name it. The trick is finding the best places and discovering those hidden gems. That’s what excites me the most about writing a new regular column… it awards me the opportunity to discover some of the lesser knows acts, places and people who add to Hull’s cultural landscape.

So, here’s the plug… grab yourself a copy of the Hull Daily Mail tomorrow (Saturday 7th march) and have yourself a read. If you know of any gigs, events, acts, people (etc.) that may be of interest, drop me a line with more details.

You could also head over the the Calvin on Culture Facebook Page if you feel that way inclined!


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