Late nights and more late nights…

Anybody who owns their own business or work for themselves knows that long hours are inevitable. For the last few years I’ve been working on somewhere between 2 and 4 hours sleep a night, at the most. These days if I get more than 5 hours I’m more tired than if I got no rest at all. I’ve never needed much sleep, which is definitely an advantage in what I do. Most nights end for me at about 3-4am, and start at 6-7am (when my little boy wakes us up), and these late night hours are when I seem to be the most productive. No phone calls, no emails, no distractions all mean I tend to get much more done as far as illustration of design work goes. I own/run a few different businesses so as soon as the work for one is complete there is inevitably work to do on another.

Tonight, as I write this in a ten minute break from my work is no different.  I’m sat up at almost midnight illustrating comic book pages for a project I’m involved with and nearing the end of. The pages are a huge amount of work, a couple of full days on each page at least, so pulling together a full issue/comic is a big task. Tomorrow I’m out early in the morning for a day filled with client meetings, project proposals and a little design work. It’s not all work though (thankfully). Tomorrow being Halloween means that I will be spending the evening dressed up (always fun), eating sweets and taking my little boy trick-or-treating. It’s the little things.