Food festival’s success shows new hunger for special events…

Food festival’s success shows new hunger for special events…

This week saw the first Hull Street Food Festival draw in over ten thousand people, who filled the newly refurbished, regenerated and revitalised Trinity Square and made a part of town that has for many years been neglected, feel vibrant and exciting. The bustling festival was just the latest in a long line of events and exhibitions in recent months that showed how far Hull has come, and how far it is going as a result of being named City of Culture.

This part of town is located a stone’s throw from my studio, where for the last few years I’ve seen quite a lot of not very much going on in that area. To now see the streets filled with eager and energetic people embracing a new food festival, supporting local businesses and enjoying fantastic local produce is something special. There was a definite air of a Belgian or French food festival as thousands of people filled the streets, music echoed around the stunning square and vendors hurried to keep up with the demand. The only complaints seemed to be that, due to the unexpectedly large crowds, the food sold out rather quickly. Can you imagine that happening a few years ago?

Can you imagine thousands of people queuing for several hours to get their hands on a Lego daffodil a few years ago? Those of us who, despite being in our mid-thirties or beyond, still find Lego pretty fantastic may have, but for thousands of people from all corners of the city to be so eager to have their own little piece of the celebrations is wonderful.

Wherever you look these days there is something exciting, creative and interesting going on in Hull. From today you can see three more of Amy’s Moths on display at Paragon Station as the ‘out of town’ pieces make their way back to the city from Herne Bay, Croydon and London’s Science Museum. They will be on display until Sunday 7th May.

The BBC Proms are coming to Hull. Just take a moment to savour that sentence. The iconic classical music programme is coming to the City of Culture and will be hosted at the newly built open air venue, Stage@TheDock on July 22nd. Perhaps it should come as no great surprise. After all, we have the Turner Prize coming to the city, fantastic new collections going on display at Ferens including work from Manet, Freud and Mueck, Music festivals that seem to grow more popular and boast more impressive line-ups by the day, countless new creative businesses and a city centre that is looking rather nice too.