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Archietomorph – Comic Book Page (colour)

Archietomorph – Comic Book Page

A look at a comic book page I’ve recently finished for a new project due out some time late 2011. I’m sketching and inking the whole series so it’s a nice chance to be creative with the artwork. Tons of weird creatures too which are always fun to draw. The comic will be out in

ReBirth – Clown King Comic Book Page

This is a page taken from one of the new Clown King series of comic books I’m producing. The collection of graphic novels will focus on individual stories from the City Of Clowns, an over populated and decaying city in the distant future. This particular book, ReBirth tells the story of the Second Age Of

The Decaying – Comic Book Exclusive

2010 will see the launch of several comic book titles from my new publishing company My Little Big Town. One of these new titles is The Decaying. Written and illustrated by me (Calvin Innes) The Decaying is one of several books planned as part of the Clown King series. Due for release at the same

All New LORBS Comic! Exclusive!

After months of work, the all new League Of Really Bad Superheroes is almost ready to go. Some bit’s and pieces of colouring to do and it’ll be there. This is the world exclusive, incredibly awesome preview of the first page of the all new League Of Really Bad Superheroes. Written and illustrated by Calvin