My Little Big Town Archive

It’s all about education…

In recent years I’ve done quite a lot of work in schools up and down the country. It’s a part of my job that i really enjoy and try to do as regularly as time permits. I visit primary and secondary schools, teaching the kids how to draw and more recently how to write too.

One year on…

Exactly one year ago last week I was sat in a doctors office at the hospital with my very heavily pregnant wife, being told that I had cancer. My first child was due in just two weeks, we were in the middle of a move to a new house, in a new village, my publishing

Films, TV and Video

I’m currently involved in a few different projects in or around TV, Film and Video production. This isn’t really anything new as I studied Film & TV design at university and have over the years worked with all sorts of people on all sorts of projects from Cadbury’s and Nestle advertisements to the Smurfs movie.

Working on oodles of books…

I’m currently working on a silly amount of books in one way or another. Some as the author, others as the illustrator (some both author and illustrator), some in my role as publisher and a couple simply as an adviser, helping the author/self publisher get the most from their manuscript. Illustration is always going to

Juggling businesses and life

Anyone that knows me knows that I like to keep busy…. to put it mildly. Along side my illustration work I’m usually writing a book or two, as well as running my publishing company (My Little Big Town) and my design business (Drunk Animal). It’s how I work best… always has been. If I’m working

Archietomorph Characters (self portrait)

One of the characters from my new comic book Archietomorph is based on myself… all be it a little more messed up. Half Vampire, half human, half psychopath (yes I know it doesn’t add up). Enjoy!

Archietomorph – Comic Book Page

A look at a comic book page I’ve recently finished for a new project due out some time late 2011. I’m sketching and inking the whole series so it’s a nice chance to be creative with the artwork. Tons of weird creatures too which are always fun to draw. The comic will be out in

New Kid’s Book by Innes

Here is a sneak peek of my new spooky, scary and creepy children’s book….. Jonny Moor. I’m working at getting the book on the shelves in time for Christmas. Jonny Moor is the first in a series of children’s book I’m working on…. children’s books the way I like them… that gross, scary, spooky and

Billy Bob Cletis Jr Poster

This is a poster I put together a few months back, for the first issue of Billy Bob Cletis Jr. As with quite a few of the poster I illustrate, I recorded the whole process and posted a video to Youtube. Check out the My Little big Town YouTube channel to view more of my

The Jam Cats Music Video

I recently completed work on a short promotional music video for The Jam Cats Music School, featuring the characters I helped DJ Johnson create a couple of years back. Now, The Jam Cats have finally come to life in ‘We Are The Jam Cats Band’ Check out the Jam Cats website over at