Another band adding to city’s music-making recipe…

Another band adding to city’s music-making recipe…

Hull is a city that has produced countless great bands over the past few decades. From lyrical indie tinged pop/rock groups like The Beautiful South to a host of raw, energetic punk bands who’s gigs leave anyone present sweating buckets and grinning from ear to ear, the music scene in Hull has always had a lot to offer.

For many of the bands who play at venues across the city week in, week out, being in a band is simply a part of who they are. Like the vast majority of musicians they have their day jobs and ‘normal lives’ away from the thumping amps and cheering crowds, but as soon as they step foot on a stage something changes. A small groups of friends coming together with a few instruments, a little amplification, a lot of energy and more often than not a few beers can create music that is fun, loud and resonates with people.

One such band is the Hull based punk rock four piece, Less Deceived, who I caught up with this week to discuss music in Hull and the launch of their new album, ‘Average Songs About The Best Days Of Our Lives’, released on Disillusioned Records.

The band is made up of lead singer Adam Harraway, Harry Slater on bass, Dave Morrow on guitar and the diminutive powerhouse Dom Chapman on drums. I’ve seen the guys play individually in various bands around the Hull music scene over the years, since the days when everyone had more hair and fresher faces. Now, as Less Deceived they make up one of the best live punk bands you can see today.

Welly, O’Rileys, Polar Bear and Adelphi are staple venues for live music in Hull and all have played host to Less Deceived gigs over the last few years, where they have supported and been supported by some of Hull’s finest rock and punk bands. Sex Injuries, The No Nothings, Three Day Millionaires, Liberate Mae, Hate Mondays, The Colour Line, Face Towards Enemy and Age of Atlas are all bands who help to make the music scene in the city a richer and more exciting one.

Recently they guys have played at Fruit and have played a couple of dates with German band ‘No Weather Talks’. Typical of many Less Deceived gigs these included plenty of loud music, a few beers and dancing to Journey at 3am (that last one isn’t quite so typical). If you’re looking for a night of energetic, loud and fun old-skool punk rock, Less Deceived are a great choice.

You can find tracks, dates and more details on their new album on the bands Facebook page:


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